Upcoming Events
June 3-5, 2022: 'Monsterpalooza' - Pasadena Convention Center, Pasadena, CA

Past Events


-Nov 2021: 'Master Blasters of Sculpture'  featured artist / group art show, The Hive Gallery, Los Angeles, CA


-Nov 2019:  'Master Blasters of Sculpture 11' (group show) , The Hive Gallery - Los Angeles, CA. 

-Nov 2019:  'Horror for the Holidays 6' - Austin, TX.

-Oct-Nov 2019:  'Curious Creatures' (solo art exhibit) at UT Health San Antonio Briscoe Library - San Antonio, TX.

-Sept 2019:  'Monster-Con' - San Antonio, TX.

-Aug 2019:  'Oddities and Curiosities Expo' - Austin, TX.

-June 2019:  'Wicked Whimsy: Fantasy & Folklore in clay' (solo art show) , Choice Goods Gallery - San Antonio, TX.

-Mar 2019:  'All Hands on Deck'  (group show) , Choice Goods Gallery/Brick at Blue Star - San Antonio, TX.



-Nov 2018:  'Fantástico, Fantástico!'-Del Toro tribute (group show) , Brick at Blue Star Arts Complex - San Antonio, TX.

-Nov 2018:  'Oddities and Curiosities Expo'  - Austin, TX.

-Nov 2018:  'Children of the Night Gallery' (group show) , Mantle Art Space - San Antonio, TX.

-Nov 2018:  'Horror for the Holidays 5'  - Austin, TX.

-Sept 2018:  'Monster-Con' - San Antonio, TX.

-May 2018:  'WEST Austin Studio Tour', stop #214 at Art for the People Gallery - Austin, TX. 

-Feb-April 2018:  'Art of Celebration' (group show) , Art for the People Gallery - Austin, TX.



-Oct 2017-Jan 2018:  '3ps'  (group show) , Art for the People Gallery - Austin, TX. 

-Dec 2017:  'Nerdtacular' - San Antonio, TX.

-Nov 2017:  'Horror for the Holidays 4' - Austin, TX. 

You can find some of my works on permanent display at "Museum of the Weird" in Downtown Austin, Texas!