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Custom Creations:

2022: Closed/Booked  

I am currently not taking on any more commissions for 2022..


However, there is a chance I might have a cancellation or opening in my schedule, so feel free to fill out the Commission Request form below.  I can always keep it in mind for the future! I do give them all a look and bookmark the things that peak my interest. Thanks so much! 






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Please fill out the Commission Request Form below with any Sculpture requests you may have.

(Please include as many details as you can in the comments section, this helps give me the best idea of what you are looking for).  If I feel like your request is a good match for me, I will reach out to you by email when I'm booking again, or if I have any spots open up.


***Please note, I Do Not Repeat sculptures I have already made.***

If I have already made a character that you are interested in, I am open to possibly making a different version of the character (or in a different size/style), but I don't make copies or recreations of my past works. This keeps my job as an artist inspiring & fun and keeps my original pieces unique & special for each collector. There are so many great creatures, monsters and characters out there, lets get creative!

~Thanks so much!~

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