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About My Art

I'm a traditional artist/maker with a passion for creating OOAK clay, mixed media figurative sculptures, and art dolls.

I draw inspiration for my pieces from the horror & dark fantasy genres, folklore & mythology, as well as animals & nature. I love monsters, cryptids, supernatural beings, classic carnival/sideshow & freakshow aesthetics, and of course anything Halloween!

When it comes to creating my original Art Dolls, I also get inspiration from textiles, and their unique or appealing colors and textures. 


My sculptures are completely handmade originals. Everything is hand-crafted and created by me, from sculpting, painting, sewing/costuming, hand-laying hair, making accessories, props, etc. I do not make molds, casts, or copies/recreations of my figures, and therefore each one I make is truly One of a Kind.

I work mainly in professional-grade polymer clay, but also enjoy utilizing lightweight stone clay and epoxy clay for special applications. I use a combination of airbrushing and hand painting with (mostly) acrylic paints & inks. For mixed media works, I use a variety of materials including wood, metals, beads, and natural things such as sticks, moss, etc. I always use Vegan materials in the creation of my Art Dolls, meaning I do not use any fabrics or fibers from animals.

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